The Power of Polling: How Poll Questions Can Grow Publishers’ Reach and Revenue

October 2019

What do users want? It’s the question asked by every advertiser, marketer and content creator on the internet. We all want to give our audience the most engaging and relevant online experience possible. But is there a way to truly know what your users are interested in? Actually, there is!

Poll questions provide direct insight into the thoughts and interests of your users. At Insticator, we run thousands of polling questions across hundreds of partner sites. The questions range for “how are we doing?” style surveys, to content assessments, to demographic questions meant to learn more about users. Across all these formats, the power of poll questions provides immediate, actionable data.

Polls Are Personal

People like making their voices heard. It’s why a Buzzfeed-style quiz gets shared an average of 1,900 times. But while we all like letting our friends know what Disney princess we would be, poll questions are an event more direct link between users and publishers. Asking users how they enjoy their experience on the site, or what types of content they prefer to engage with, empowers the audience and creates a bond between the user and the brand. Users want to “be recognized as human beings,” and targeted poll questions are an excellent way to promote that personalized feeling.

Polls Are Profitable

Audience segments are one of the bedrocks of digital advertising. Brands want to know their ads are being seen by the most relevant audience. Poll questions allow publishers to go to advertisers and say, “We have an audience interested in X, and we know that because they told us themselves.” The ability to create audience segments based directly on user feedback means brands can see a higher return on investment, and publishers can ask for higher CPMs for providing the right audience.

Polls Are Popular

Studies have shown that 83% of consumers are willing to provide personal information if it leads to a more personalized online experience. People want to know that publishers have their individual interests in mind, and the vast majority of people are willing to help publishers do so. Whether it’s audience data that helps the business side make more revenue, or content preferences that help the editorial side make more engaging content, poll questions are a powerful tool for any publisher.

At Insticator, we’ve seen the results of polling firsthand. Our interactive ad unit has been used by publishers around the world to better understand their audience. Our platform provides the tools to create custom polls, as well as the resources to analyze and act on polling data. That means more information for a publisher’s revenue and content teams, and a more engaged user.

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