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Earn more with audience data-enriched ad serving - all the smarts, none of the hassle

Level Up Your Ad Inventory with Full Ad Management

Our innovative full ad management platform brings you display ads, video, engagement and audience data all in one easy solution.

Effective Ad Formats across Mobile, Desktop and Video

Reporting That Gives You All of the Details. Controls That Allow You to Stay in Charge


Optimized Ad Delivery for Improved Viewability

Maintenance Free. Hassle Free

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Gain Access to Integrations with Multiple Identity Providers

Built for Speed and Performance

What Is It?

Ad management is a vital part of any successful business today. With so much being offered and so many competitors in the market, it’s important to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Proper advertising helps with connecting you to your audience, increaseing your brand awareness, and prospecting new buyers. The role of advertising management is to develop and place the ads in the most relevant places that will bring the best results, and is the process of planning, overseeing, and controlling various advertising elements meant to influence your audience decisions. 

Ad management platforms are very useful and powerful tools used to maximize the efficiency of ads by handling the majority of the complex and highly methodical and statistics based work for you. Although, there are some limitations to the average ad management platform. Just as with most things tools, you have to pick and choose which elements are important to you and your business, maybe sacrificing in some other areas.

How Insticator Helps You

Insticator is different in that we full ad management platform has everything you need. It brings you display ads and effective formats across mobile, desktop, and video, as well as engagement and audience data all in one place. Since it’s a 100% managed service, meaning minimal effort for you, you can get the best out of your display, instream, outstream, video, and native ad formats.

Why Choose Insticator

With Insticator, we try to meet your needs where they are and with the complicated and technical world of advertising we realize there may be a lot of them. We believe it’s better to try and prevent a problem before it develops into something far larger than intended, and to use the means of having full control over an ad management platform built to aid your company. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice pieces of your advertising efforts to grow other aspects, and so we’ve made it to where everything is in one place. 

Cut out the hassle and start growing your audience today by choosing Insticator Full Ad Management Platform  to ensure that you’re getting the best out of your website and your ads.

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