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What Is It?

It’s becoming more challenging with each passing year to reach targeted audiences. Today’s consumers dislike being sold to less they’re looking to buy. They have a tendency to skip over and ignore ads regardless of the form they come in, and instead focus on the content around them. This leaves questions of how to create ads that won’t be bypassed by consumers. Interactive ads create a way for consumers  to engage with a brand and for them to leave a lasting impression. By inviting consumers to follow a series of prompts, taking actions to reveal something new, these interactive ads capture individuals’ attention in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

How Insticator Helps You

Insicator’s Content Engagement Unit creates interactive ads that increase both display and video ad revenue with interactive content. Using polls and trivia games, Insticator’s CEU can help you get to know your audience in a fun and memorable way, as well as leave a mark on the reader. Each engagement’s data is also connected to and included in the report builders that comes with the service. All the poll and trivia ad revenue engagement data can be found on the Analytics Dashboard.

Why Choose Insticator

The main objective of Insticator is to help. Ad engagement can be hard to come across and grow, but the interactive ads created by Insticator’s CEU can help break through that wall. That’s where we come into play. 

Insticator wants to make the trivia ad revenue engagement process as easy and hassle free as possible for you by managing it alongside you. We want to help by taking on the difficulties that come along with it, while also walking you through step-by-step. Contact the Insticator team today for more information on how we can help you.

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