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What Is It?

Video monetization is a skyrocketing form of profit, video ads nearly doubling and viewership tripling in the last few decades. This leaves a wide window open for video ad monetization itself. Gone are the days where video and video ad monetization relied so heavily on well known video platforms to make a profit. Today, it still takes work and expertise to optimize your monetization, but you can monetize any video or ad you desire. The reason it has become so easy is due to the amount of monetization plugins created, and there’s a variety of options no matter the platform, site, or ad. The difficult part is discovering what type of video ad monetization works the best for you.

How Insticator Helps You

Insicator’s video ad monetization solution creates custom content that increases video ad revenue due to the different variety of ad units offered. To start off, our account management team will aid you in the set up process. We provide the simplicity of adding a single line of code that allows video ad monetization to take place. You then have the ability to select the combination of slider, floating, or static video ad units that work the best for you. From there on, Insticator helps you manage your video ad monetization revenue streams.

Why Choose Insticator

The main objective of Insticator is to help. Video ad engagement can be hard to come across and grow, but the video ads created by Insticator’s video ad monetization solution can help break through that wall. That’s where we come into play. 

Insticator wants to make the video ad monetization process as easy and hassle free as possible for you by managing it alongside you. We want to help by taking on the difficulties that come along with it, while also walking you through step-by-step. Contact the Insticator team today for more information on how we can help you.

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