How to Increase Content Engagement: Where to Start

January 2023

Content is the ever-changing lifeblood of your website’s ad campaign, and without it, you will have a hard time achieving the conversion rates you’re aiming for. You may have a stellar strategy for driving traffic to your site, but ultimately, the lack of ad impressions will leave your business without the benefits it could otherwise gain. 

The best way to boost conversions is to churn out high-quality content. A solid content engagement strategy helps publishers determine what type of interactive ad types work best for the audiences they’re looking to attract, and how to increase content engagement to benefit their overall bottom line. 

Today, Insticator experts will show you some of the best ways to increase your audience’s time spent on your site while continuing to drive up visitor revenue through more engaging and highly personalized content. You’ll also be able to see how easy it is to increase engagement with content automation, which can majorly boost the success of any kind of ad campaign. We’re sharing some of our starting tips below!

Defining “Content Engagement” On Your Website

People wonder how to increase content engagement without ever really knowing what content engagement really is. Since there are many different types of content that can draw in high numbers of engagement, it’s important to define exactly what content engagement means to you. Unfortunately, the online publishing world is a competitive one, so it’s important that you are equipped with the right tools to help you stay on top of the marketing charts. 

Engaging content isn’t really defined as what it is, but rather, what it does. Successful engaging content, and content engagement strategies will reach your target audience’s screens and relay something that is personally relevant to them. Ads are smart and can be programmed to learn the behaviors of the people interacting with them. This is what makes it possible to always appeal to your viewers, who will be encouraged to interact, click, purchase, or post something based on the ad they are looking at.

Finding Your Target Audience

Before you can create your own content engagement strategy, you should be able to clearly identify the type of audience you’re looking to attract.

Do you have a good idea of their needs, wants, interests, and demographics? What kinds of things did they come to your website to find? You can fine-tune your site’s ad experience on a consumer-facing level by creating engagement opportunities that specifically address these interests. 

One successful idea that many social media marketers implement when creating engaging content for their social media platforms is to create content as if you are speaking to one person, which helps to reach audience members on a far more personal level. You can achieve this by creating a fictional persona or avatar that represents the average audience member on your site. 

The more details you collect, the more you will be able to fine-tune your ad engagement experience to be more relevant for your guests. This is a great tool for learning how to increase content engagement on your publisher site for the first time.

Creating the Right Type of Engaging Content

Discovering how to increase content engagement starts with creating the right type of engaging content. There’s a plethora of market research out there that proves the likelihood that engaging content will boost views, impressions, and conversions all at once. But “creating engaging content” is still a lot easier said than done. What kind of content works best for the overall atmosphere and purpose of your publishing website? What ads will really push people to engage, interact, and continue clicking to build up your revenue? 

One sure-fire way to boost your ad revenue is with interactive ad types, which provide opportunities for customizable content that your readers want to see. Some of the best interactive ad types include: 


  • Spotlights – Specific sections of articles or blogs that are featured in a highlighted spot on your website

  • Trivia – A series of questions that test your readers’ knowledge with questions, then compare their answers with other fans 

  • Polls – Questions for opinions that allow users to directly weigh in on a topic that interests them 

  • Games – Interactive, playable ad games that let a user try out a product virtually or score points to earn some kind of promotion or discount

  • Email Sign-up Forms – While not always considered an ad type, display or video ads that offer a space for users to sign up for an email newsletter offer an opportunity for immediate conversions – and increased revenue to boot 

Different ad types continue to develop, so it’s important to stay apprised of the latest trends in the digital marketing sphere to  increase engagement with content automation. For instance, reports show that video content marketing is now more crucial than ever because 60% of American consumers prefer to engage with video over other media types

Adding video to your digital ad campaign is almost an instant win, but it’s important to do so in a way that is uniquely engaging to your own audience.

Increasing Engagement with Video Marketing

Interactive ads can help you seamlessly incorporate content engagement with the existing elements of your site. This is even more true for video ads, which can take your display campaigns to a new level of revenue. In fact, our studies show that publishers can earn up to 4X more from their ads alone when they run videos through Insticator. 

Videos offer it all: the ability to add custom content, floating units that don’t interfere with the main content on your site, plug-and-play options that can be worked into any website widget, and static video options to support older players. While any expert will tell you that you should be including video ads as part of your content engagement strategy, we will work with you to create custom videos and video materials from scratch to give your campaign the best chance of success.

Discover Full Interactive Ad Management with Insticator

Learning how to increase content engagement can be tricky. Two important ways to achieve that goal is by creating a  content engagement strategy and to increase engagement with content automation. Ads that earn the highest revenues for publishers are ads that are data-enriched, audience-led, and personalized to match the style and mission of your site. 

At Insticator, we help create tailor-made solutions to build out the most successful ad campaigns possible. You can request a demo of our full ad management tools to see what a powerful ad package with Insticator would look like on your site. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our content engagement units for publishers!

Control Higher Yield Optimization with Price Caps

Supply side platforms offer the unique advantage of floor caps, which determines the lowest price your ads will sell for. You can automatically set and forget these caps with the assurance that you won’t lose inventory or revenue based on real-time bidding fluctuations. This is a stellar way to control and create higher yield optimization in all of your dynamic ad campaigns.

Avoid a Hassle with User-Friendly Integration and Setup

The supply side platform doesn’t just have the advertisers in mind, but the publisher as well. A simplistic user interface makes leveraging impressions a piece of cake, while direct demand opportunities make it so much easier for publishers to access more targeted audiences and ads beyond the open auction.


Not to mention, fast server speeds mean less latency, making page loading lightning fast. Get a better audience and produce faster results for your bidders with automated software that is personalized to suit your needs.

Supply Side Platform Advertising: How it Works

Supply side platform advertising is easy to set up and even easier to integrate (especially with the ready-made integration guide on Prebid). Once it is up and running, you can publish your available ad inventory all at once. Whenever your web pages load, the SSP will send a numerous array of ad requests to available ad exchanges. Sometimes, an SSP will even interact directly with a demand-side platform. 

Depending on whether or not available ads or bids meet predetermined criteria, the SSP will use real-time bidding to receive bids on impressions that you make available through your platform. Whichever advertiser wins the bid will then receive the ad through the SSP and can then display it on their website.

Data and Reporting

Data collection is a crucial part of effective ad bidding and overall website monetization, especially for publishers looking to cater to more specific types of audiences. Insticator grants publishers access to hundreds of millions of hashed emails to help streamline their targeting capabilities. The ultimate goal is to help you produce higher and higher CPMs for our partnered publishers or to gain direct access to impressions beyond the open bidding cycle.


We use 1st-party data collected from unique and engaging ads posted on our publishers’ websites. From trivia to polls, to interactive games, it’s clear that diversifying the mobile ad experience increases traffic and time spent on your website, leading to a direct increase in monetization across the board.

Build Your SSP and Maximize the Potential of Your Audience with Insticator Today

Hopefully we were able to paint a clear picture to answer the question, “What is a supply side platform?” and provided a straightforward  supply side platform definition to lessen the complexities of a difficult topic.  There are several methods that advertisers and publishing partners can use to drive up monetization, increase web traffic, and benefit from higher bids for more engaging ads. Supply side platform advertising lets you hone in on your audience even deeper, finely selecting the impressions that will matter most.


You can request a demo of our SSP tools to see how they will work for you. Get in touch with Insticator today to speak with our team about how you can maximize your virtual reach and earn the highest bids with your own supply side platform.

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