The Best Supply Side Platforms

January 2023

It is impossible for any kind of advertiser to go far without having a way to manage their ad space, ad inventory, budgets, bids, and more. A supply-side platform, also known as an SSP, is the online version of a fully-staffed sales and marketing team – but without the drain on resources or money.

According to Statista, most publishers use several supply-side platforms every day to help them leverage the best ad placements for the largest profit. In fact, publishers tend to use at least 5 individual SSPs to manage a full stack of ad inventory in dynamic ways. In more recent months, publishers have decided to narrow down their SSP usage and find a few solid platforms that they can rely on moving forward.

Here at Insticator, we offer a unique Supply-Side Platform that collects data from a number of engagement products in order to drive up sales, earn higher bids, and make the most effective use of all available ad space.

We want to take a few moments to explain why it is vital for publishers to have an SSP in order to garner advertising success. We will also discuss some of the best supply-side platforms that are on the market today.

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What are SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms)? 

Simply put, supply-side platforms are adaptable software programs that help publishers manage ad inventory, sell ad space, and make the most effective use of their advertising efforts across the board. It is almost impossible for any publisher to successfully engage in real-time bidding without an SSP, as RTB allows for instantaneous buying and selling of ads. 

Using a trusted SSP, you can do just about anything with your ads on a platform that is customized to your brand’s exact needs. It’s more than just being able to buy, sell, and manage ad inventory automatically; with the right kind of SSP, a publisher can even control the way interactive ads show up on the front-facing portion of their site. That’s why it’s important to know what the best SSP’s for publishers are and what they can do for you.

Benefits of SSPs

When it comes to the best supply-side platforms there are simply too many benefits to list here, but it should suffice to say that every publisher and advertiser can find extreme advantages to having an SSP. Some of the biggest boons that our clients and third-party advertisers have experienced include: 

– Access to multiple ad exchanges at once 

– Automation for every part of the ad selling process, from bidding to buying 

– User-friendly setup and seamless integration with existing ad products 

– Higher yield optimization 

– Price caps or limits that can be set by the publisher

– Built-in header bidding to generate higher sales

By reviewing the top supply-side platforms recommended for publishers, our experts at Insticator want to shed light on the key advantages of utilizing an SSP to drive up ad revenue and optimization. With access to exclusive features such as private 1st-party data, automatic bid tracking, and app monetization, publishers can use this next-generation advertising platform to free up some of their own time, allowing them to focus on generating web traffic. 

The Best Supply-Side Platforms of 2023

With a growing number of publishers jumping on the SSP bandwagon, it’s no wonder that more and more viable options are starting to appear online. With different SSPs to choose from, it can be difficult for a publisher to hone in on the best supply-side platforms when they are just starting out.

Depending on your website’s goals of growth or revenue, along with the state of your current ad inventory, you may find one of the following SSPs to be the perfect fit for your needs. 

1. PubMatic for Independent Publishers

Small, independent, or brand-new publishers might only need a couple of the powerful tools in their wheelhouse that an SSP can provide. PubMatic is designed for those looking to increase their efficiency and ROI (Return on Investment) across the board, focusing less on one metric and spending more resources on optimization and improved monetization. 

With the right data and tools at your side, you can successfully transform your small independently-published site into a mega-hub for users in your niche. Build up website traffic, improve ad placement efficiency, and automate the ad management process so you can sit back and watch your revenue rise. That’s what makes it one of the top supply-side platforms on the market.

2. Sovrn for Overwhelmed Advertisers

You might be in a completely different camp from the publishers who match the above so another one of the best SSP’s for publishers like you would be Sovrn. If you are a rapidly-growing publisher losing control of your ad workflow, you might be a good candidate for the Sovrn platform.

This SSP comes with a full set of monetization and data optimization tools, along with several automation features that let you simplify your daily tasks. You can even get your hands on key audience insights that are generated at your discretion. If you need a healthy mix of simplicity and customization, Sovrn might be a good place to start. 

3. Insticator’s Supply-Side Platform

Our SSP is a one-of-a-kind solution for publishers and advertisers looking to maximize the potential of their audiences. With access to unique 1st-party data collected from a number of our interactive ad engagements, you have the ability to curate highly unique methods of targeting and capture. 

We use server-to-server calls, meaning that your automated bids are faster than lightning. With so many processes being automated, you have more time freed up to get a firsthand look at your audience’s demand. Use these insights to earn hits and win ads beyond the open auction process, giving you a competitive edge that can leverage your website as a top contender online.

We know how overwhelming it can be to start the ad bidding process alone. It’s one of the top supply-side platforms on the market. Let our experts help you earn a hassle-free experience while you expand your brand’s bottom line using our SSP. 

Find the Supply-Side Platform That Suits Your Needs 

The journey to find the best supply-side platforms can be tough. Whether you are an independent advertiser looking for a more streamlined method of managing ad inventory, or you are losing control of your bidding needs and want next-generation assistance from an automated program, you’ve come to the right place. Insticator offers the most unique and dynamic tools for publishers looking to drive traffic and increase monetization results across the board.

Get in touch with us today and ask us how we can help you maximize the potential revenue of your audiences with the best SSP for publishers.

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