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Serve Ads Your Way

With each interaction with the Insticator Widget, new ad units are pulled, which generates additional revenue for your site.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic Ads

Our access to the world's premiere brands ensures that relevant ads are delivered to your visitors.



We recognize the efficiency and transparency of private marketplaces, which is why Insticator works with many PMPs.

Direct Ads

Your Own Ads

Rather have your own ads? Connect your programmatic or brand ads and monetize campaigns more effectively.

Maximize Engagement

Select interactive content from our curated library, create your own collections, or have our content team create Quizzes and Polls for you!

Insticator Widget in action utilizing a compelling story for users to click on

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Ashley McGee

Director, Programmatic & Platforms

"I have been pleasantly surprised with the results we've seen through our partnership with Insticator. Not only are we seeing increased competition for our inventory leading to higher yield, but we finally have a unit that our audience enjoys engaging with. This leads to longer time on page, more ads being served and the long game of more earned revenue. Additionally, Insticator has given us a place to test our marketing efforts with easy implementation and detailed metrics. We look forward to embedding Insticator directly on the page to see this expand even further."

Chris Mogollon

Director of Operations

"Not only is Insticator easy to work with and has a great design but it's a dynamic way to engage with your audience. We have found many different ways to work with Insticator including polls, quizzes and contests. The product team has done an impeccable job of making sure publishers and partners are in love with their widget."