Optimize towards your KPI of choice and increase ROI.

Display & Video Ads

Insticator gives Publishers the power to embed our interactive ad unit with its companion display and video ads. Customize the location of the video and display ads to adapt perfectly to the context in which you want to engage your readers.

Ads that are relevant and align with content

Dozens of ad partners ensure that you receive the highest quality ad inventory available

IAB standard video and display ad sizes

Whatever your site and revenue goals, we will find the ads that fit the best, and perform best, for your site

Block the ad blockers

Make sure you’re earning all the revenue you should be with our ad blocker circumventing technology

All-in-one Ad Ops solutions

Our dedicated, experienced team is ready and willing to take the lead on your ad operations, ensuring peace of mind and lower Ad Ops costs


2 Display ads paired with our desktop engagement unit.


2 Display ads paired with our desktop engagement unit.


1 Display ad paired with our rail-sized engagement unit.


2 Display ads paired with our mobile engagement unit.


1 overlay ad served before content within our mobile-sized engagement unit


Integrate 300×250 display ads into the engagement unit for desktop and mobile


Standard display ad that’s perfect for your sidebar


Standard display ad for desktop


The customizable slider reveals the video from the bottom right corner of the browser window

Video Demand

Pre-roll or mid-roll video ads provided via a VAST tag. Available for desktop & mobile

Interactive Ad Unit from Insticator
  • Polls, Trivia and Quizzes

  • Content Creation

  • Content Recirculation