Interactive Embed Unit

Interactive engagement embed

Our interactive engagement embed is a customizable unit that serves poll, quiz and trivia questions on your site. As a result, users get more of the content that interests them, and publishers gain valuable insights into their audience.

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Engagement Unit

A better, faster user experience

Our embed is Google AMP certified, meaning ads and embeds load faster on mobile. As mobile traffic continues to grow, you can be confident our ads will be served at the highest possible speeds.

Give your audience more of what they love

Use our robust insights and reporting to drive better personalization and user experiences for your visitors.

Fits on all screens

The interactive engagement embed works on desktop and mobile and is fully responsive. Users will see a clean and fast-loading embed no matter how they choose to connect.

In-house content team that works for you

Our diverse, dedicated writing staff creates compelling questions for publishers around the world. No matter what topics your site covers, our team can write to what your audience loves.

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