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Build a Hyper-Engaged Community With Insticator Commenting

More Repeat Visits and Higher Ad Revenue

Leverage a potent synergy of human comment moderation and AI
Generate valuable first-party data to inform future content and improve ad targeting
Create an immersive social environment that makes readers click, contribute, and come back — again and again

Does Your Site Foster Compelling Conversations?

Or are you falling victim to high bounce rates and competing content?


If you’re like most publishers, you want to increase your average time on-site. You want to bring back those one-time visitors. And you want to maximize every area for extra ad revenue — all while improving the user experience.

Discover how to do just that with Insticator Commenting, Article Sentiment, and Trending Now.

Harness The Power of Social Media AI

Commenting is a cutting-edge tool that empowers your publication to leverage social-media-style user interaction. It enables your visitors to react to your articles and engage in vibrant discussion — without leaving your site for a third-party platform.

Armed with our in-house comment moderation and AI technology, your comment section will:

Everything You Need to Create a Thriving Online Community

With Commenting, your site becomes as sticky as a social app . . . as smart as a Big Data firm . . . and more profitable than you ever imagined.

Seize Every Opportunity

Insticator unlocks new ad revenue in under-optimized areas of your site. With the option for easy-to-use video and display ads, you get revenue from every inch of every page — without affecting the user experience.

Protect Your Brand

No need to worry about your reputation in the comments. Human moderators and AI stop the bots and bad actors. Our team works 24/7, so visitors get a positive, spam-free experience.

Leverage Reviews & Ratings

Article Sentiment gives readers a voice. They can share ratings and reviews of products and services. At your request, our moderators can help you manage comments to boost customer satisfaction and support your goals.

Take Control of Your Success

Trending Now mines data when your visitors click to let you run targeted ad campaigns and deliver the best-performing content to visitors. It’s social-savvy AI — customized for you.

Stay On-Brand, Always

Commenting works with all site builders, content management systems, and website structures. The tool adapts to the look and feel of your brand, and displays beautifully on all screen sizes.


Realize your full profit potential

Build a loyal community
Realize your full profit potential

Why Choose Commenting?

Yes, AI is the future. But people are the foundation of your business — and ours.

Commenting gives you a potent combination of human moderators and AI automation to support your community and revenue goals.

You get a complete service package for deep engagement and game-changing data collection — without worrying about brand-damaging comments.

Moreover, our team believes in a human-centric approach to customer service. With Insticator, you have a dedicated partner on your path to building a thriving community, even if you find bumps in the road.

Don't Leave Your Site's Potential Unrealized

Your Readers Deserve a Community . . . Where They Are Heard

Capitalize on Every Article and Post — With Insticator Commenting

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