Insticator Insights: 71% of Readers Wanted U.S. to Take Dramatic Steps to Stop Spread of COVID-19

March 2020

The biggest story in America is undeniably the COVID-19 pandemic; it has altered every aspect of our lives, and its impact is still unfolding minute by minute. But even before the number of cases in America grew to tens of thousands of people, over 50 percent of people still believed that our nation would be affected as severely by COVID-19 as other countries had and have been.

How did we gain this insight? We utilized our poll unit across a variety of news sites with U.S. audiences, from Honolulu’s to Natchez, Mississippi’s, to discover their thoughts on how COVID-19 should be handled and learn how it changed their behaviors.

With over 3,600 total responses submitted over an eight-day period (from March 10 to March 18), we gained valuable insight into readers’ thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic as it became more and more widespread in America.

Here’s what respondents said:

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