5 Ways Insticator Can Boost Engagement for Your Site

February 2019

by Erica Garza

It’s one thing to drive users to your website, but it’s another thing to keep them there. By partnering with Insticator, publishers, market researchers and media buyers not only get website visitors interested, but keep them engaged with meaningful, shareable content. This engagement leads to an increase in revenue through native advertising. If you’re curious about what native advertising is and how Insticator can help boost engagement and revenue through curated media like reward-driven contests and data-mining surveys, read on for five ways that Insticator can boost engagement for your site.  

What Is Native Advertising?

The best way to define native advertising is to say that it’s advertising that doesn’t look like advertising. Ads are designed to match the look, feel and function of the media format in which they exist. Native advertisements can be found in social media feeds or as recommended content on a website. What sets them apart from banner ads or display ads is that native ads appear as part of the editorial flow of the page. Insticator pairs ads with media that engages visitors like contest, quizzes, polls and surveys.

  1. Contests

The possibility of winning a prize is almost too tempting to pass up for website visitors. Insticator creates contests that allow publishers to further increase interaction and loyalty by providing readers with the added bonus of earning a reward. Fun and unobtrusive, contests boost engagement while also collecting user feedback. According to HubSpot, new contests acquire a 34 percent audience increase on average, and one-third of contest participants sign up to receive email updates from brands and partners. On top of that, contests prompt customers to talk about your company and potentially share the contest with friends and family.

  1. Stories

Hook website visitors with a juicy headline and keep them engaged by keeping them reading with suggested stories, curated to their unique interests with relatable language that fits with the brand. Even better, if visitors like what they read, they’ll be more inclined to share it, increasing website engagement even more, as long as the embedded link was easy to find, something Insticator can ensure.

  1. GIFs and Image

A GIF is worth a thousand words? Insticator offers an expansive collection of GIFs and images to pair with content for increased engagement. Funny, relevant and, more importantly, engaging, GIFs and images add flavor to content and can be customized by the publisher. While images are desirable, GIFs have even more potential to affect engagement and revenue. According to an A/B test by BlueFly, emails with GIFs pulled in 12 percent more revenue than their non-animated counterparts.

  1. Polls & Quizzes

People like flaunting what they know. Insticator creates quizzes that test your website visitors’ knowledge with site-specific trivia, so they can feel a sense of achievement when they earn their high score at the end (or try again if they get a low score).


Similarly, Insticator creates polls that allow media buyers and market researchers to get a pulse of their audience while allowing visitors to measure their results against others who’ve taken the poll. When you consider the data from AdWeek that shows millennials especially like to be spoken with, not spoken to, polls and quizzes allow their voice to be heard loud and clear.


  1. Surveys

Surveys are another great way to boost website engagement. When visitors get survey questions that are specific to their unique tastes and preferences, they’re more likely to become interested and stay interested. Insticator cuts out the middleman and crafts engaging surveys that are tailored to highly specific audiences. As users fill out these surveys, they hand over valuable insights about what they think and feel while having fun—basically a dream come true for market researchers.

Erica Garza is an author, essayist and copywriter with over a decade of marketing experience writing about hospitality, health and lifestyle products. Her work has appeared in TIME, Health, Glamour, Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, The Telegraph and VICE. She lives in Los Angeles.


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