Grow Your Subscriber List Where Readers Are Most Engaged With Email Sign-Up

June 2020


We know from publishers that it’s critical to build an engaged community of users who keep coming back for more content. To address that need, our product team created a frictionless way for publishers to collect the emails of engaged readers directly from our Content Engagement Unit.

Allow your readers to subscribe when they’re fully engaged

Our tool asks readers to provide their emails right when they’re interacting with poll and quiz questions or consuming the content they love. Asking them to sign up at the right moment equals higher trust from your readers, which leads to higher conversion rates.

Native branding that makes email collection a breeze

The look and feel of the Email Sign-Up card is fully customizable. It follows the design of our content unit for a seamless experience, and publishers can tailor the call to action to their specific needs. The publisher can also select when the Email Sign-Up card appears, making it easy to pair with other content within our unit.

Easily manage your subscriber data

Publishers can find and export data right from our Publisher Portal. Collected emails can then be used as persistent identifiers for marketing purposes as browsers cut support for cookies, or for community building, just to name a few examples.

We’ve made it super easy for publishers to add their own privacy policy, so any data collection through our unit meets their specific privacy standards.

If you’re already using our Content Engagement Unit, find the Email Sign-Up feature in the Add-ons section of your Embed settings. If you aren’t yet using our Content Engagement Unit, get in touch with us so we can help you get started in driving increased reader engagement.

Maximize the value of your engaged users.

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