Insticator Commenting Unit

Human-Moderated Commenting

24/7 human moderation, best-in-class features, increased revenue. This is the new gold standard of commenting systems. We provide all the tools you’ll need to increase engagement and revenue and empower your community.

Create better conversations.

Our dedicated team will moderate your comments around the clock, ensuring a positive community and a safe user experience. We believe humans are better than bots, and we can take on the task of keeping your comments clean.

Earn more revenue.

Our commenting system comes at no cost. In fact, we think our product is better than free. Our ad-supported model means you serve more ads — and more impactful ads — to your most-engaged users. Grow your community and your bottom line at the same time!

Keep your users coming back.

You’ll have more than just a comment section — you’ll have a commenting community. Users can upvote constructive posts and earn badges through engagement, while email notifications will let them know who got the last word in that heated pineapple on pizza debate.

Lose nothing when you switch over.

Already using a commenting system? Insticator Commenting is designed from the ground up to make the switch quick and easy. Transfer user names, comment history, emails, and everything else you need to keep users engaged and active. Keep everything, lose nothing!

Empower Your Community

Empower Your Community

Reward your most-engaged commenters with our points and badges system, use our Spotlight feature to showcase top comments and commenters, and give your users the power to upvote and downvote posts. We offer all the features a modern commenting system should have and more.

Modular, Customizable Configuration

Modular, Customizable Configuration

Our Community section allows you to highlight top commenters and posts on your site. Make it native by customizing the look and feel — our powerful, industry-leading technology will ensure a stable, engaging experience no matter what layout you choose.

Drive more revenue with a range of ad units.


Serve two 300×250 display ads within your commenting unit


Serve a 728×90 display ad within your commenting unit on mobile devices.

Responsive Video

Serve a responsive video ad within your commenting unit for desktop and mobile.

Accurate and Straightforward Metrics

Accurate and Straightforward Metrics

Had a busy news day on your site? See how it impacts revenue and audience engagement on your commenting unit with our easy-to-understand dashboard, which helps you track and focus on key metrics. All the information you need is at your fingertips.

Grow your revenue with Insticator Commenting.

Learn how Insticator Commenting can increase your revenue and keep your audience engaged.