The Story

“We are constantly looking to improve overall programmatic revenue and we were looking to replace some underperforming partners”

The goal:

  • Improve overall page revenue
  • Boost programmatic competition through introducing higher CPM ad units
Increase content engagement

Execution Illustration


“Insticator consistently brought on new demand to improve overall value while responding quickly to any issues to maintain user experience. They also provided additional support and training to track and remove malicious or heavy ad calls.”
  • Started with one embed and two ad units
  • Expanded to two embeds and four ad units



Revenue generated over 8 months


eCPMs in best performing months


Increase in site engagement rate


“In the short time we’ve worked with Insticator, it has quickly proven itself to be an excellent partner, driving strong revenue and boosting overall yield through competitive CPMs…

… The support team has been stellar, providing rapid turnaround on service requests and offering proactive training and recommendations to stay ahead of the curve on ad operations. It’s clear that Insticator puts publishers first, and we’re excited to keep working with them.”

Kevin Rogers

Ad Operations at The Washington Times