AdApex & Insticator
AdApex & Insticator

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AdApex & Insticator

March 2019

The Story

What Our Partners Are Saying

Insticator’s widget is designed to strike an important balance — it increases engagement for publishers and serves a “highly visible ad unit” without annoying readers by being too visible or aggressive.

Publishers have a choice between:

  • Programmatic Ads – Insticator has access to the world’s premiere brands, which ensures that relevant ads are delivered to your visitors.
  • PMP – Insticator recognizes the efficiency and transparency of private marketplaces, which is why Insticator works with many PMPs.
  • Your Own Ads – Rather have your own ads? Connect your programmatic or brand ads and monetize campaigns more effectively.



Insticator widget is responsive and works with both desktop and mobile websites. After incorporating the widget code onto partner websites, Insticator’s dedicated sales team worked on customizing the widget and connecting the website with premium advertising.

We have tested other poll widgets, and Insticator outperforms by +25-50% compared to other units competing in the same position.



average increase in website revenue for 15,000+ publishers


average increase in user engagement


What our partners are saying:

We recommend Insticator due to: strong CPMs, nearly 100% fill, increased user engagement, leading to better user experience, higher viewability ratings, more time on site, and therefore, better SEO.

We have been testing Insticator on various positions across some of our clients’ sites. We are seeing great CPM + fill rates, and the reader interactions with the widget tell us that users are not only liking and engaged with the unit, but are driving up site KPIs such as viewability and time on site.

— Debra Fleenor